Tara D.W. Tine


Tara D. W. Tine hails from the borderlands of North Eastern Ireland and didn’t graduate from anywhere.

Author, social activist, songstress and all-round scallywag, she spends most of her time commuting between dimensions and sending home postcards detailing her experiences. The rest she spends conversing with her cat and drinking tea.

She founded Carlinn Literature & Music in 2016 to showcase her writing in all its forms. Both Tine’s music and her authored works draw heavily on themes of magick, nature and the lesser explored aspects of the human psyche.

“Tara Tines’ vocal prowess delivers tasteful and infectious melodies, searing with undertones of soul and folk. Her bluesy lyricism conjures something spontaneous. The dog barking at midnight on the street; the chimes of the church bells; or the spatter of a heavy shower on your window. The sheer originality of this poetically textured musical patchwork will enthrall all those who bear witness.” ~ Dundalk Democrat, 2017

Tine’s groundbreaking debut novel, ‘Flight of Fire’, from the Minorie Raine: Trials & Tribulations Series is due for release in September 2017.

“Hey, tell us about the book!”

Ok, so in 2017, Tara Tine and C. Thomas Smith collaborated on a novella called Idiot Sticks.

It’s about an unsuspecting Irishman called Josh, who inadvertently finds himself in the Iron Age, held captive by a band of exiled, nomadic warriors – na Fianna. All of Josh’s modern smarts and shit hot rugby skills can’t rescue him from this one, and as soon as he realises escape is impossible, he begins to take his life into his own hands and, when Ireland is seemingly threatened by Rome’s growing desire, he sets about mobilising his warrior captives to stand up for Ireland and rid her of the Ancient World’s red menace.

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“Agricola reckoned he could take Ireland with a single legion. Ireland reckoned otherwise.”


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