C. Thomas Smith

C. Thomas Smith is a fantasy storyteller with a ridiculous sense of humour that can make you snort with laughter or diligently search for pitchforks.

His old stomping ground (about fifty feet from the house he was raised in) is still a field, located in Ireland and now somewhat sadly misused by children as a play area.

His writing varies by genre and includes comedy and serious works but his experience in Primary School sent him ecstatically into the arms of fantasy and horror. His experiences in secondary school have funded the private education of several young people with psychotherapists as parents.

His love of mythology and speculative fiction aid him in creating real worlds with real people that can both entertain and raise questions about the human condition.

He has an amazing wife and two extraordinary children who protect him as he sleeps from a cat named Pixie that has promised to do unspeakable things with his innards. At least, that’s what the cat seemed to be saying though absinthe and painkillers were involved. This isn’t a nod to a secret drug addiction. The painkillers were for a knee issue. The absinthe was due to the aforementioned wife and kids.

“Hey, tell us about the book!”

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Ok, so in 2017, C. Thomas Smith and Tara Tine collaborated on a novella called Idiot Sticks.

It’s about an unsuspecting Irishman called Josh, who inadvertently finds himself in the Iron Age, held captive by a band of exiled, nomadic warriors – na Fianna. All of Josh’s modern smarts and shit hot rugby skills can’t rescue him from this one, and as soon as he realises escape is impossible, he begins to take his life into his own hands and, when Ireland is seemingly threatened by Rome’s growing desire, he sets about mobilising his warrior captives to stand up for Ireland and rid her of the Ancient World’s red menace.

“Agricola reckoned he could take Ireland with a single legion. Ireland reckoned otherwise.”


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